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Elizabeth P.
I love when I go in Kan Del's friendly employees either way whether you buy something or not you still get a thank you. With a friendly smile .

Rhonda S.
I live in California and needed to send flowers to my mother-in-law who had surgery on a Saturday. The owner of Kan Del's was so friendly and warm over the phone and made me feel in good hands. Within 1 hour I had a picture text of the floral arrangement that went to my mother-in-law. Thank you so much for taking care of us with a beautiful product at a reasonable price.

Crystal B.
The friendliest people you will ever meet and the most beautiful arrangements at an affordable price. I been buying candles for over five years here you will keep going back trust me.

Latriece B.
So pleased with the customer service. The arrangement was beautiful and my daughter LOVED IT. You now have 2 new customers. Thank you for excellent service.

Jacquie Z.
Love the decor but truly love their friendly attitudes n great atmosphere!

Gayla B.
I love, love, love this store. The people are fantastic, helpful and so friendly. Would recommend it to everyone

Nora P.
The lovely scent you are greeted with as soon as you walk in....and all the great gift ideas!!

Lauren Marie H.
I have never gone in here without leaving with something simply amazing. I can't get enough of the amaretto candles.

Linda S.
So love this store and everything they have especially the leather scented candles we have moved to Arizona and have gone back to Texas twice and you better believe I stop to by my candles before I came back to Arizona and the owners are so wonderful god bless you guys for all you do

Karisia Renee V.
I Love Kan Del's & very generous great environment! I always want to stop by and stock up on wickless candles.

Mickie M.
Beautiful flower arrangements. Delightfully pleasant to do business with.

Sandra D.
That moment when you wake up at 2 AM to the fragrant smell of cinnamon coconut and think oh no! I left my candle warmer on. So I jumped out of bed, run to the living room only to find out that the candle warmer is turned off. Kan Del's chunks smell great even when they are not burning!

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